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La progression de Doudoul en Chine

Capture d’écran 2015-01-21 à 10.39.11 Le cap des 25000 vues est franchi.

C’est désormais officiel, le chanteur-fantaisiste Doudoul vient de franchir le cap des 25000 vues en Chine.

Jour après jour, les internautes chinois affluent vers le site de streaming Youku afin de visionner ce clip avant pour message la sensibilisation des populations à la protection de l’abeille. « Le danse de l’Abeille » est un clip à vocation drôle et populaire afin d’impacter au mieux les esprits et c’est exactement ce qui se passe en Europe et au pays du soleil levant.

Pour regarder le clip en Chine « La danse de l’abeille »

doudoul chine 2

Autre actualité a retenir : DOUDOUL animera l’entre-acte au cours de « LA NUIT DES PUBLIVORES » le 26 novembre 2015 au Polydôme de Clermont-Ferrand.

Capture d'écran 2015-09-29 07.49.41

Karaoke Summit 2015

Capture d’écran 2015-01-21 à 10.39.11Karaoke Summit 2015

Join us for the Karaoke Summit 2015 webcast on October 22 at 1pm EST. Details to follow!

We’re keen to show Karaoke Jockeys and show hosts how they can double, triple or even quadruple their nightly revenue. There’s a paradigm shift in karaoke entertainment that’s already begun rolling, and we want everyone to share in the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls that are to come.

Most karaoke professionals know their business well, and work hard to maximize the money they can make from each of their venues. These pros keep their eyes on the ball, understand how to play the long game, and look for ways to increase their take-home over time by building their clientele from the ground up.

Capture d'écran 2015-09-22 17.33.30

Karaoke Summit 2015 is geared toward showing that forward-looking professional how to use new tools to increase the engagement their singers have over the course of each night of entertainment, how to solidify the relationships the singers have with the KJ and the venue, how to extract more revenue from each gig, and how to keep those customers returning again and again.


Capture d'écran 2015-09-22 17.33.41The Smartphone Revolution It’s not hard to understand that “the Internet changes everything”, especially now that everyone carries more computing power in their pocket than NASA once used to put astronauts on the moon.

What’s not immediately clear is what opportunities these fundamental shifts in behavior offer the karaoke industry.

Certainly there are some major players in the karaoke space vying to put that killer karaoke app on the smartphones of the world. Indeed, we are one of these. But while the others are either focusing on a consumer play, or leveraging novelty in order to move as many apps as possible before the flavor-of-the-minute moves on, we want our entry into the market to accomplish much broader goals.

We asked ourselves, what if a karaoke application could not only benefit the consumer through convenience, pricing and availability, but also give the professional KJ and their venues an opportunity to make more money, all while returning even more revenues back to the intellectual property owners on which karaoke music is based?

We believe a rising tide should lift all the boats.

Capture d'écran 2015-09-22 17.33.48The Stakeholders


So, who’s in those boats? Who stands to gain when the karaoke industry expands?

This is not intended as an exhaustive list, but all these stakeholders are bound to benefit.

The songwriters and composers who create the intellectual properties on which karaoke is founded.
The publishers of the underlying musical works.
The performers and recording artists of those songs.
Record labels who release the original versions of those songs.
Companies involved in the merchandising and cross-promotion of products associated with recording artists and their songs.
The studios who make and distribute karaoke versions.
Licensors and performing rights organizations.
Online and offline retailers of karaoke downloads and streams.
Software and hardware developers who facilitate karaoke consumption for both the consumer and professional markets.
App, software and hardware stores.
Platforms that deliver content to audio-visual devices.
Venues that feature karaoke.
Professional Karaoke Jockeys.
Singers who perform karaoke at home or in public.
Products and brands that sell through venues benefiting from karaoke.
The list is ordered more-or-less according to the supply chain, and not by importance. In fact, we believe that all the players are equally important, and wish to stress that the karaoke industry is in no way a zero-sum game. A system that nurtures and encourages the growth of our industry must by definition consider the interests of everyone.

Big Data for Small Business

So what brings all these stakeholders together in a way that’s meaningful for the end-user? The obvious answer is “the smartphone”. This single device has become not only ubiquitous (or nearly so), it also has the ability to tie all the stakeholders together with the patron in a way that builds persistent engagement over time. This is particularly true for the most desirable demographic groups – younger patrons willing to part with discretionary income in exchange for a superior karaoke experience.

Furthermore, once a smartphone platform has been established, one can use data about user behaviors to bring even more value to the stakeholders. Every single entity in the value chain can benefit from this, as long as the data is presented to them in a way that makes sense for their enterprise.

A word on data and privacy: End-users, and especially younger end-users, are more than willing to part with data regarding how they interact with their devices and apps. This is in fact the entire business basis for the behemoth known as Google.

How specifically might a venue or KJ benefit from this? Let’s look at some examples. As a venue, you’d love to be able to communicate with your patrons through their smartphones. You can offer drink and food specials, promote special or regular events, reward loyalty with promotions, and in general run an entire gamut of marketing and advertising strategies, directly to your patron, through a device with which they already have a strong affinity. And as they respond to these triggers, you can track how well each one performs, which lets you refine your messaging to become more and more effective over time.

As a KJ, you can use all the strategies above, as well as communicate to the patron where they are in the queue, alert them when it’s almost their turn to sing, give them a single-tap method of tipping you, allow limited interaction with the rotation by monetizing bumps, and much more.

By telling you how well your efforts are performing, you get immediate vital data on how to improve. And that’s key to growing your revenue, no matter where you are in the value chain.

Le dernier clip d’Emilie Bonnet

Capture d’écran 2015-01-21 à 10.39.112B OR NOT 2B

Emilie Bonnet avait quitté dernièrement sa chère Provence pour rejoindre en compagnie de Cathy Marolle , la Belgique et le Studio Vidéo de DVM Production afin de satisfaire aux exigences du tournage de son dernier Clip « 2B or not 2B » écrit et composé par Emilie Bonnet et JL Barjavel sur une adaptation de Stuart Maudie.
Capture d'écran 2015-09-22 14.49.52

La belle Emilie en a profité pour signer dernièrement son contrat de 24 mois auprès de la société DVM Production car l’artiste désirait depuis longtemps travailler avec David Vincent le manager de DVM Production.

Suite à une grande réunion de travail avec l’équipe de DVM Production, des axes de travail se sont dégagés et la première concrétisation est intervenue par le biais de la réalisation d’un clip vidéo sur une chanson qu’Emilie bonnet possédait dans ses tiroirs. Le titre 2B or not 2B est un titre fort et non encore exploité à plein rendement, c’est donc en toute logique que le premier levier de production s’est mis en place logiquement.

Capture d'écran 2015-09-22 14.49.05Le clip est volontairement dynamique et dégage une énergie qui met en valeur, toutes les qualités et le charisme d’Emilie Bonnet. Le titres et le clip sont en ligne afin d’être propulsé en Europe, Aux Etats-Unis mais aussi à moyen terme en Asie par le biais du service de promotion chinois de DVM production.

Emilie et sont équipe sont heureux d’associer à le lancement un média québécois à savoir La radio de la capitale à Québec, mais aussi Radio RTM en France ainsi que le média visuel TV

Nul doute que le public et les fans d’Emilie Bonnet s’enthousiasmerons pour le clip 2B OR NOT 2 B et qu’il le visionneront sans modération.

Découvrez le clip « 2B or not 2B » et partagez- le sur les réseaux sociaux

DOUDOUL en Chine…..le retour

Capture d’écran 2015-01-21 à 10.39.11 Pour la cause des abeilles…

Le sympathique chanteur humoriste Doudoul remet le couvert et de nouveau entre en promotion Asiatique et particulièrement en Chine avec son dernier Clip « La danse de l’abeille »

Si le frelon asiatique envahit peu à peu l’Europe, c’est au tour de Doudoul d’envahir la Chine avec son dernier clip voué à la protection des abeilles.

Capture d’écran 2015-03-17 à 08.22.04Alliant humour et message sérieux, Doudoul n’a pas son pareil pour mobiliser le public et le sensibiliser à une cause.

Jadis précurseur avec le « Bébé éprouvette » et son titre « Fais-moi guilli » le voici désormais sur le front écologique avec la défense et la protection de l’abeille, élément essentiel à l’équilibre planétaire de tout être humain.

Plus que jamais, nous vous invitons à soutenir Doudoul, le visionner et le partager sans modération.


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